Most websites have no idea how often they email their users.

Don't let yours be one of them.

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Prevent Inbox Fatigue

There's no better way to collect email sending data across your email services. We currently aggregate Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Mandrill, and also listen through a custom bcc email address.

Reduce Unsubscribes

Your business emails the same users from every direction: sales, marketing, customer success, billing and transactional. Thinbox counts how many emails your users actually recieve and alerts you when you send too many. #LessIsMore

Drive Revenue

Excess emails is the number one cause of unsubscribes. Thinbox helps you 'tune' the frequency and type of emails your users are getting so you can maximize the impact of emails that drive revenue.

Get Started in 5 Minutes

Simply bcc a special email address or add a special webhook URL to your email services provider and start tracking how many emails your users get and from where. It's the best 5 minutes you'll ever spend.

See who you email the most

Thinbox creates a leaderboard for your users who get the most emails per week and per month from your app.

Sit back and let us listen

Thinbox goes to work in the background and counts how many emails each user receives from your business.

Get alerts when you send too many emails

Get insights on users at risk of unsubscribing and the types of emails that are causing inbox burnout. Now you can tune your send frequency across the business and reduce unsubscribes.


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See User Email in a Whole New Way

Thinbox aggregates the email you send your users across all of your services so you can keep tabs on who is getting emailed too often.


Most websites have no idea how often they email their users.

Don't let yours be one of them.


Thinbox helps these product managers and business owners track and measure their automated email sending.


Greg Fant

"I wasn't sure what to do about user email complaints before Thinbox came along. Now I can easily get the info I need to figure out why certain users get more automated emails than others."


Jason Neusted

"Thinbox is a lifesaver! And super cheap. Thanks guys for making a simple killer app."


Julie Meanly

We use Sendgrid and tried EventKit but my team didn't want to maintain it. Thinbox was the perfect fix.


Andy Pham

I run an ecommerce site and preventing an unsubscribe can be worth a lot of money. This app helps me know when to adjust our email settings so we don't inundate our customers.


Rob Zippro

Thanks guys! This was very easy to install and does the job really well.


Vanya Pasheva

I'm new to product management and email marketing, and need all the visibility I can get, especially when we're sending emails from 2 different systems (Mailgun and Google Apps). It's really helpful to see exactly which emails my users got and when so we can debug our transactional emails.